Rather than bloating the last post, I decided to dedicate a post just to the redstone setup that made my Industrial Coil-powered Woodcutter system from last time work. So here you are:

Remember that I start with four levers that sit side-by-side. Each one controls one of the four tree species (left-to-right: Spruce, Oak, Birch, Jungle), and each of them also activates the Item Vacuum that gathers in the harvested materials.

In order to place the four levers side-by-side, you have to do some creative redstone planning. Two of the lines of redstone are one block down from the surface. The lines begin with a repeater that sits next to the block on which their respective levers sit. In all of the following pictures except the last one, all four levers are in the “off” position.

The other two lines are two blocks down from the surface. These lines begin with a spot of redstone dust that sits under the blocks on which their respective levers sit. These pieces of redstone dust lead into repeaters. The redstone does not connect once dirt blocks are laid on top of the lower redstone lines.

The two higher redstone lines are shown here. The levers are at the top of the image, while the trees are below the bottom edge of the image. The other two lines of redstone are similar, just one block deeper in the ground.

Each of the four redstone lines ends at a dirt block, on the other side of which is an active redstone torch. This torch sits below the redstone torch that will activate the Industrial Coil (seen at the top center of this image).

This is looking at the two above-mentioned redstone torches from the other direction. In addition to de-activating the redstone torch above it, the bottom redstone torch also sends out a redstone signal in two other directions: to its tree’s redstone clock (to keep it inactive), and to the Industrial Coil that powers the Item Vacuum (this latter line is coming toward the viewer ***Note that the Item Vacuum is technically unnecessary. See my corrections to the last post.***). Top center, you can see the bottoms of the Industrial Coil and the Woodcutter. This view is normally filled with dirt.

Here you can see the line that goes up to the bonemeal dispenser’s redstone clock.

A bonemeal dispenser’s redstone clock, kept inactive until the lever is pulled.

***Note: These last two images pertain only if you are NOT using a chest or hopper below the Woodcutter to collect the harvested materials.*** The second line, the one that goes to the Item Vacuum, first goes through a NOT gate (at the bottom right), then to a redstone torch column. When the lever is pulled for any tree, the Industrial Coil will be activated to power the Item Vacuum. The line of redstone in the bottom center of this image comes from both the Oak and the Spruce lines. The Birch and the Jungle lines run to the bottom redstone torch from the other direction.

The torch that powers the Industrial Coil for the Item Vacuum also activates a DC Electric Engine that powers a line of Item Pump underneath the Item Vacuum. This pulls the items from the Item Vacuum’s internal inventory and sends them back to my base. In this picture, at least one of the levers is in the “on” position.

So that’s a quick but slightly more in-depth look at the redstone under my Rotarycraft Woodcutter Automatic Tree Farm. I’m certain there are ways this could be streamlined and improved. If you have any questions or suggested improvements, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.