I hinted last post that it was possible to power a Bedrock Breaker with a Microturbine without using any diamonds. Well, that’s not entirely truthful: it takes two Microturbines.

A functioning Bedrock Breaker powered by Microturbine without the use of diamond gearboxes.

The secret is to use a worm gear instead of a diamond gearbox to begin the conversion of the Microturbine’s high speed into high torque. The worm gear, unlike steel shafts and gearboxes, has no shaft limit (at least so far). Unfortunately, the worm gear also eats up a bunch of the overall energy, so that out of the initial 2.097 MW, you’re left with 1.258 MW (albeit at the expected 256 Nm of torque). A 16:1 steel gearbox converts this into 4,096 Nm of torque, but even if you use a 2:1 diamond gearbox at this point to convert the energy into the required 8,192 Nm, you’re still too low on overall energy to power the Bedrock Breaker.

From right to left: Microturbine – worm gear – dynamometer – 16:1 steel gearbox – dynamometer – shaft junction (bevel gear in the back) – dynamometer.

But if you use two Microturbines in this way, you can combine the two 4,096 Nm outputs with a shaft junction (once again, no shaft limit) to produce a total of 2.515 MW of energy at 8,192 Nm of torque, which is more than enough to power the Bedrock Breaker. This solution uses a lot more steel and twice as much jet fuel, but if you’re low on diamonds or just stingy, it is a viable option for powering the Bedrock Breaker.Twice as much jet fuel but no diamonds? Hmmm …