I had so much fun messing around with my Castle Grayskull screenshot in GIMP that I just had to try my hand at another project. This time, I went for something a little more involved: adding a water reflection to a shot of my water mill, producing thisWaterWheelGimpReflection

from this

The original screenshot.

The original screenshot.

Obviously, I could have gotten a reflective effect in the original screenshot by using a shaders mod like Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders, but, as I’ve mentioned before, my computer’s hardware is not exactly bleeding edge. Besides, I quite enjoyed using this as an opportunity to learn more about GIMP.

I also made a pseudo-illustrated version (like what I did to Castle Grayskull). That one turned out pretty nice, too:

The water mill - now pseudo-illustrated!!!

The water mill – now pseudo-illustrated!!!

The process for doing this was essentially the same as that discussed in my Castle Grayskull post.

For the water reflection, though, I don’t know that I can give a complete step-by-step rundown. There was a lot of experimentation and backtracking. Once again, though, my starting point was a section from The Artist’s Guide to GIMP by Michael J. Hammel. Adding a reflection to this image, though, was not nearly so simple as it was to the image in Hammel’s book. This is mainly because his reflective image is added completely fresh (his original image had no water), so he was able to add a reflection that only had one reflective plain. My image, on the other hand, has at least three different plains of reflection (roughly: left side, right side, and building), so it’s not as easy as “Make a rectangular selection, flip that selection, and move it down to the bottom of the image.”