I took a little break from blogging the last couple of weeks. Part of the reason has actually been a change in my Minecraft-playing schedule occasioned by my wife’s decision to play, as well. In my last post about my water-mill building, I mentioned that I had selected a set of mods that enhance vanilla Minecraft’s farming and mining aspects and that add some of the best magic/alchemy mods out there. This is primarily because these are the aspects of Minecraft that most interest my wife, while I am pretty much interested in all aspects of Minecraft. The complete set of mods (for MC 1.6.4) we use are:

* Minecraft Forge
* Archimedes’ Ships
* Ars Magica 2
* Better Storage
* BiblioCraft (including the BiblioWoods addon for Biomes O’ Plenty)
* Biomes O’ Plenty
* Some of ChickenBones’ mods (Code Chicken Core; ChickenChunks; Ender Storage)
* ComputerCraft (1.5.8; I plan to upgrade to 1.6 soon: Pocket Computers!!!)
* CraftGuide (I much prefer CraftGuide to NEI)
* Equivalent Exchange 3 (I’m using Pahimar’s own builds)
* Extra Utilities
* Inventory Tweaks
* Mapwriter
* Metallurgy 3 (and its prerequisite KeithyUtils)
* Mystcraft
* Pam’s HarvestCraft (and Pam’s Get All The Seeds)
* Thaumcraft
* Thaumic Tinkerer
* The Twilight Forest
* Torojima’s ChocoCraft
* Underground Biomes

I refer to this set of mods as “Magriculture” for what, I hope, are obvious reasons. Many of these mods are actually new to me for this Minecraft instance, including, most importantly, Metallurgy, Underground Biomes, Pam’s mods, the Twilight Forest, and Equivalent Exchange 3 (I never even played with EE2 back in the day, in part because it seemed too cheaty to me). In the coming posts, I want to highlight some buildings I’ve constructed that highlight Underground Biomes and Metallurgy 3 as well as some ways I’ve used magic mods and ComputerCraft to automate farming and husbandry. There will probably be some vanilla redstone automation in there, too. I also think I’ll do a full review of Pam’s HarvestCraft and the two other mods I considered but ultimately rejected for this mod pack: Agriculture (by Team Metallurgy) and Agent’s Agriculture, both of which are excellent and amazing mods but for one reason or another were not exactly what we wanted. I also want to highlight some of the cool things my wife is doing in landscaping and farm design.