A new rustic home base in a new world.

My wife decided to give Minecraft a shot again. I cannot tell you how excited I am about that. We played together a short time a few years ago, but for one reason or another we just stopped. I think the main reason was that I was just too eager to help her enjoy the game. I kind of smothered her. I made tools and food for her. She wanted to build a tree house, so I built her a tree house. I was running around a million miles an hour playing like the expert I essentially was while she was still trying to figure out how to jump and craft a pickaxe. So this time around to nip that problem in the bud we each have our own territory. Our bases are even separated by a river. I am not allowed to build her stuff.

For this occasion we have started a totally new world with a totally new set of mods designed to highlight the things about Minecraft that my wife finds really interesting, namely farming and magic. While I still have my OP tech survival world going, I’ve taken a little bit of a break for two reasons: 1) the idea of playing Minecraft with my wife was just too exciting – I couldn’t concentrate in my old world; 2) I’m really enthused about this new set of mods, many of which I have never played with before (e.g. Pam’s Harvestcraft, Metallurgy, Underground Biomes, Biomes O’Plenty, Torojima’s Chococraft, Better Storage). Whereas the selection of mods in my solo survival world is essentially an adaptation of Direwolf20’s Feed the Beast pack, this new set of mods has a lot in common with ChaosVille.

Because our set of mods is low on tech and high on farming and magic, I decided to go with something rustic for my initial base: I decided to make a water mill. I found a great little bend in a river on the edge of three biomes: Forest, Cherry Grove, and Alps.

A non-functioning water wheel will soon be fed by a stream of water from a wooden aquaduct coming from the mountains behind the building.

The water wheel is made of pine, the building is made of pine logs and spruce planks on a foundation of Green Schist cobblestone. The roof is made of Red Granite brick slabs.

My kitchen. Exhibited here are items from Bibliocraft, Better Storage, and Pam’s Harvestcraft.

Another view of the kitchen. The trapdoor goes to an infinite water source. I’ll come up with a better solution in the future.

The other half of the building. I want to give the impression of a working water mill. This is a temporary place holder until I can figure out what I want to do. In the background there are an iron furnace and an iron crusher from Metallurgy.

Upstairs I enough room for a kind of attic. I use storage crates from Better Storage with labels from Bibliocraft.

The back of the house, looking from the site where I plan to build a blacksmith’s building. Hey, taming Chocobos is super easy.

I’ve got the alps in my back yard. Cool.

I’m used to playing with lots of tech mods. I did allow myself ComputerCraft and Extra Utilities, but this is going to be a very different experience from my usual automation-crazy type game.