Sometimes I wonder whether the benefits of Thaumcraft outweigh its frustrations.

Case in point: whereas my base’s garden area was formerly all a Green Hills biome (ExtramBiomesXL), it is now a checkerboard pattern of Green Hills, Eerie biome, Magical Forest, and, most bizarrely, Ice Wasteland, all thanks to Thaumcraft.

Climate change is even affecting Minecraft!!! Hey, there’s an idea for a mod.

Okay, I realize this is a noob mistake and probably something that would have been avoided had I read every word in the Thaumanomicon, but, alas, I didn’t diligently read said Thaumanomicon. So when I came across a sinister aura node that had lots of desirable aspects that would have complemented my wand recharging setup very nicely, I took it and placed it in my Thaumcraft room. Way back in the back of my mind a tiny voice cried out: “Don’t do it! Bad things will happen! Bad things ….”

That wondrous magical marble with its indigo iris lent my Thaumcraft room a hint of danger, of a cavalier pretension of heedlessness. I suspected that zombies might spawn in my Thaumcraft room, but I can deal with zombies. What I didn’t (but I should have) predicted was that this aura node would override the other aura nodes, and the biome would start gradually changing into the biome I had found the node in: an Eerie biome. The main problem with this turn of events is that my Thaumcraft room is located directly underneath my garden.

What would have happened if I had just let it do its thing? Other than the grass turning dark, I don’t know, but I didn’t want to risk it. The fix was simple, I thought. First of all, destroy the sinister aura node (and get the essences, so not a total loss). Second, plant some ethereal blooms to reverse the biome transformation.

Here’s where things went really awry. Rather than returning the biome to its original Green Hills, suddenly I began seeing Ice Wasteland pop up on my F3 overlay. What? Ice Wasteland? The nearest Ice Wasteland was several hundred blocks to the north? Why would the ethereal blooms be converting my biome to Ice Wasteland? It had nothing to do with a biome id conflict (I keep a list of item, block, and biome ids for my game). Nor was it some kind of biome priority mishap caused by a conflict between mods or between a mod and the vanilla game: both Green Hills and Ice Wasteland come from ExtraBiomesXL. Why Ice Wasteland, of all biomes? I mean, the only way I had anything to do with an Ice Wasteland was that aura node I had taken to put in my Thaumcraft room … oh.

So somehow the ethereal blooms had locked onto that Ice Wasteland aura node, probably because it was the last one I had placed down, and tried to “revert” the surrounding biome from Eerie to Ice Wasteland. Oh, boy. That was actually even worse for my garden. A possible eventual fix for this would be to go find an aura node in another Green Hills biome or some other more desirable biome, put it in my Thaumcraft room, and then replant the ethereal blooms. But in my panic I cheated in some Silverwood saplings and planted them down. So now a garden that was formerly Green Hills is a strange mixture of Green Hills, Eerie (though this is going away), Ice Wasteland, and Magical Forest.

I should have listened to the tiny voice. But, really, I should have read the Thaumanomicon.

So what was once Green Hills is now a spotty mixture of Green Hills, Ice Wasteland, …

… Eerie, …

… and Magical Forest.