I haven’t finished the IC2 beginner’s guide, just yet. In the meantime, I’m trying out a new set of mods. My main game right now is essentially Tekkit super lite (Tekkit is just too much for my computer to handle; plus, I don’t like Equivalent Exchange): MC 1.4.6 with IC2, Buildcraft, Redpower, Railcraft, Iron Chests, Rei’s Mini Map, and Traincraft (formerly known as Trains and Zeppelins). For this game (which is essentially a test of mod combinations for an upcoming family server), I’m still using Redpower and Railcraft, but in addition I’m playing Simply Horses, FarmCraftory, and Extra Biomes. I may add Iron Chests, and I’ll definitely be adding Rei’s Mini Map. Essentially, I want it to be an enhanced Vanilla experience. I haven’t had a chance to dig into Simply Horses or FarmCraftory in a survival setting just yet, but I am very impressed with Extra Biomes. Within a hour of playing I came across an absolutely serene pond bordered by a Temperate Rainforest biome and an Autumn Woods biome. It was possibly the prettiest scene I’ve encountered playing MC, and I was using the default texture.


My temporary base isn’t too far away, up in a gigantic fir tree.


Here’s another look at the Autumn Woods biome.


I am very impressed. Extra Biomes adds 28 new biomes. Most of them are simply variations on Vanilla biomes, but even when the change is just cosmetic it adds a lot to the experience. The only downside: I’m also playing Simply Horses, and wild horse herds only spawn on a Plains biome, which is now going to be harder to find. Oh well. Looks like I’ll have to go exploring.